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Best Practice Forum: Keys to Talent Retention

June 8, 2017, 9:00 - 11:00AM

The Best Practice Forums are a series of workshops from SBN that use member case studies to create meaningful opportunities to learn, connect, and build a better business. The next program in the series will discuss the challenges of retaining talent in a competitive market and offer practical solutions for keeping your most valued staff.

Talent retention is important because as triple-bottom-line businesses, we value taking care of our employees and want them to flourish. Talent retention is also fundamental to our ability to run our operations sustainably and safeguard our brand reputation. For many of our businesses, our human resources are our most valuable resources, so investing in our people is essential to the financial success of our business and the fulfillment of our broader goals as business owners. But this is easier said than done, because while good people are easier to manage, they are harder to keep, especially now that labor markets are improving and talented folks may have many competing employment choices. Lee Huang, Senior Vice President and Principal of Econsult Solutions, Inc. (and an SBN board member), will share why talent retention matters, how to think about what your people need to thrive, and what you can do to invest in them. Topics will include compensation package, office environment, work/life balance, and advancement opportunities, as well as various outlets for employees to be fulfilled while doing fulfilling work.

After the presentation, members of an expert panel will offer additional insights and ideas, and audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions. Panelists include:

-Allegra Derengowski, Owner, Birchtree Catering

-June-Ann Garafano, Director of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, Solutions for Progress

-Karissa Justice, Manager of People Operations, Azavea

Coffee and a light breakfast will be served. 

Where: WeWork Market Street, 1601 Market Street, 19th Floor, Philadelphia

Pricing: SBN Members: FREE; Yet-to-be members: $25

If you register as a yet-to-be member and then join SBN while at the program, your registration fee will be applied to your membership!

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