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Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable with Sheila Ireland, Rebuild Deputy Director, Workforce D&I

Wednesday, March 21, 8:00-10:00 AM

The Entrepreneurs' Roundtable is an intentionally intimate monthly members-only issue-based breakfast conversation created to connect local independent businesses with elected officials and other key decision makers in the city, region, and state.

For the first Roundtable of 2018, we are excited to welcome Sheila Ireland, Rebuild Deputy Director, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion to discuss a value-based approach to procurement and how these policies and procedures can be a boon to the local economy and workforce.

"I have a lot of respect for what Philadelphia’s workforce development providers have been able to accomplish,” Ireland said. “However, I would love to see more partnerships, more coordination of effort and a layered approach to providing services to the people we serve. Often we operate in a vacuum and our participants are unable to develop an appropriately sequenced chain of services to get their needs met effectively.”

Prioritizing local first, particularly as it relates to the region’s largest consumers: local government and other anchor institutions like hospitals and universities is one clear way to advance the local business community and its workforce.

In May 2017, Philadelphia voters approved a ballot measure allowing “for the award of certain contracts based on best value to the City” that allowed for important considerations other than lowest bid when working contracts, such as local; women, minority, and/or disadvantaged ownership; workforce development; and social, environmental, and economic impact impact (the triple bottom line).

Join the conversation about Best Value procurement policies and procedures as we look at Rebuild, the City's seven-year, $500 million investment in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, which serves as a window into how the local independent business community can benefit from and support a value-based approach to procurement, including diversity and inclusion goals.

This event is for SBN MEMBERS ONLY. Attendance is limited to 25 SBN members and is first come, first served. Membership of each registrant will be verified.

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