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When you buy local, you support the independent, one-of-a-kind businesses that make up the heart of Greater Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. Buying local keeps money in your community and builds a strong local living economy.

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The Buy Local Challenge

Did you know that the average American spends $646 during the holidays? That money is directed towards gifts, wish lists, holiday cheer, and letting family and friends know they are special. If that money is spent with locally-owned businesses, however, it has the ability to buy all of that and more, including a vibrant and thriving Philadelphia economy. This holiday shopping season, you have the power to invest in your city.

Consider this. For every $100 you spend at a locally-owned business (as opposed to a non-locally owned retailer), $25 more dollars are circulated throughout the Philadelphia economy. If each of Philadelphia’s 1 million adult residents diverted just $100 of their holiday spending to buying locally, we’d have an influx of over $25 million dollars that would otherwise be lost to outside suppliers, services, and investments.
My name is Jamie Gauthier and I am the Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network, a business membership organization representing over 400 locally-owned businesses. I am writing today on behalf of our members to challenge you to shift at least $100 of the $650 that you are likely to spend on holiday shopping to locally-owned retailers this holiday season.

There are a multitude of benefits that are derived from buying locally. Locally-owned businesses are more likely to source their goods from local suppliers. This develops our economy from within by taking full advantage of local talent, capital, and markets instead of importing these resources. The infrastructure assets that we are all taxed for are used more efficiently by small shops located on neighborhood or downtown commercial corridors, as compared to big box stores. And more money is kept in circulation within our local economy, benefitting non-profits, local jobs, and local families. In short, if Philadelphia wants to preserve its character and build an even more amazing future, buying local is the way to go!

Most of us are used to voting during election time as a way of choosing our leaders and expressing our values. Well, the way in which you spend is a way of expressing your values, too. Every time you spend with a locally-owned business, you are voting with your pocketbook for a vibrant economy, a healthy environment, and community empowerment. You are preserving the unique flavor that distinguishes Philadelphia from any other American town and encouraging local ownership of our economy.
So buy local!

Questions about this campaign? Contact Lisa Thresher at 215.922.7400 x.108 or


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