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April 2011

President Obama Visits Philadelphia (Philadelphia Inquirer 4/6/11)

Leanne Krueger-Braneky, Executive Director of SBN, Talks about Green Jobs in Philadelphia
(FOX 29, 4/5/11)

February 2011

Local Power Company Helps Power Honduras (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/10/11)

January 2011

New Tax Incentives for Energy Upgrades (Philadelphia Inquirer 1/17/11)

Many PECO Customers Switching Suppliers (Philadelphia Inquirer 1/14/11)

December 2010

California Adopts Cap and Trade (The Wall Street Journal 12/17/10)

Green Jobs are Growing (Northeast Times 12/15/10)

Dept. of Energy Headquarters Completes Installation of Cool Roof (U.S. Dept. of Energy 12/14/10)

City's First Solar PV Installation Breaks Ground (Philadelphia Recovery 12/14/10)

First Companies to Receive Industrial Energy Efficiency Certification (U.S. Dept. of Energy 12/9/10)

City's Plan for 500 Acres of Public Green Space (PlanPhilly 12/8/10)

City Honored for New Filtration System (Hermosa Beach Patch 12/8/10)

Franklin Officials, Businesses Bemoan EPA Stormwater Mandate (Milford Daily News 12/7/10)

The 50 Best Careers of 2011 (U.S. News 12/6/10)

Solution Proposed for City's Poor Drainage (The Portland Press Herald 12/6/10)

Rain Gardens Remedy to Stormwater Runoff (The Tampa Tribune 12/6/10)

City Plans Proliferation of Small Parks (Philadelphia Inquirer 12/6/10)

Green Roofs are Starting to Sprout in American Cities (Yale Environment 360 12/2/10)

November 2010

Sec. Chu Appoints Mayor Nutter to Dept. of Energy Advisory Committee
(City of Philadelphia 11/29/10)

DOE Announces Historic Strides in Energy Efficiency for Residential and Commercial Building Codes ( U.S. Dept. of Energy 11/15/10)

Last-Minute Lobbying Over EPA's Water-Quality Rules for Fla. Focuses on Costs (New York Times - Greenwire 11/15/10)

Trees Grow in Brooklyn (The Economist 11/11/10)

Cost of Green Power Makes Projects Tougher Sell (New York Times 11/7/10)

Solardelphia Wins Philly 100 Award
(Solardelphia Press Release 11/1/10)


October 2010

App Points Toward Best Low-Energy Light Bulbs (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 10/27/10)

City Touts Philly Buying Power to Fill Small Business Electric Needs (Philadelphia Inquirer 10/27/10)

Solar Power Initiative Fails Again in Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Inquirer 10/26/10)

UPenn Wins, Philly Airport Loses in Stormwater Fee Shift (Philadelphia Inquirer 10/25/10)

Sec. Salazar Approves Largest Solar Project on Public Lands (U.S. Dept. of Interior 10/25/10)

PhillyDeals: Storm-water Fees Rain on Philly Success Story (Philadelphia Inquirer 10/24/10)

New Interagency Agreement Establishes Framework for Collaboration on the Economy, Energy and Environment Initiative (U.S. Dept. of Energy 10/20/10)

Work Force Goes Green (South Philly Review 10/14/10)

Wind Energy to Provide a Fifth of World's Electricity by 2030 (Global Wind Energy Council 10/12/10)

Offshore Wind Power Line Wins Backing
(New York Times 10/12/10)

Why the Green Economy is Unstoppable --- And 10 Ways it's Making Life Better
(Huffington Post 10/4/10)

U.S. Military Orders Less Dependance on Fossil Fuels
(New York Times 10/4/10)

September 2010

DOE Acts to Stop Sales of Appliances That Violate Federal Energy Efficiency Standards (U.S. Dept. of Energy 9/23/10)

Climate Change, Aren't we Clever?
(New York Times 9/18/10)

DOE Announces $20 Million to Boost Development of Innovative Geothermal Technologies
(U.S. Dept. of Energy 9/15/10)

DOE Announces $57 Million for Small Businesses to Support Technology Commercialization (U.S. Dept. of Energy 9/15/10)

DOE Announces Nearly $30 Million in Competitive Awards for State Energy Efficiency Projects (U.S. Dept. of Energy 9/9/10)

Smart Meters Alone May Not Save Much Energy -Study (Reuters 9/8/10)

Department of Energy Announces $8.5 Million to Advance Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems (U.S. Dept. of Energy 9/7/10)

Viridity Energy and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Awarded $900,000 ... (Viridity Energy 9/1/10)

August 2010

Secretary Chu Announces Two Million Smart Grid Meters Installed Nationwide (U.S. Dept. of Energy 8/31/10)

PECO Launches $15.3 Million Environmental Initiative (PECO 8/30/10)

Recovery Act Project Boosts Hydropower Plant Output (U.S. Dept. of Energy 8/27/10)

Vice President Biden Announces 200,000 Homes Weatherized Under the Recovery Act (White House Press Release 8/26/10)

How the Stimulus Is Changing America (Time 8/26/10)

California Energy Commission Licenses First Solar Thermal Power Plant in 20 Years (California Energy Commission 8/25/10) 

Penn State/Navy Yard Energy Project Wins $129 Million Federal Grant (Philadelphia Inquirer 8/24/10)

In Oregon, Students Seek Key to a Sustainable City
(New York Times 8/23/10)

Unions Back ‘just transition’ to Green Transport (Hazards magazine 8/19/10)

DOE Announces Nearly $120 Million to Advance Innovative Weatherization Projects, Highlights Progress in the Program Nationally (U.S. Dept. of Energy 8/19/10)

EPA, Philadelphia International Airport and US Airways Unveil New Low Emission Shuttle Buses for Passengers (Environmental Protection Agency 8/18/10)

2009 a Year of Growth, Challenge for U.S. Wind Power: Report (U.S. Dept. of Energy 8/11/10)

DOE Kicks Off Training for Manufacturers in the Southeast Region to Demonstrate Energy Standards (U.S. Dept. of Energy 8/6/10)

Labor Raises Questions About Green Energy Jobs (Next Great City 2/2/10)

Pocono Raceway Goes Solar (CNN 8/2/10)

July 2010

Pennsylvania Towns Get More Time top Develop Storm-water Plans (Philadelphia Inquirer 7/28/10)

Gloucester County Small Businessman Gets to Meet With Obama (Philadelphia Inquirer 7/28/10)

Green Jobs Training Growing in Philadelphia Area (The Philadelphia Business Journal 7/23/10)

In a Climate Quest, the Roof as White Knight (The New York Times 7/21/10)

From Grey to Green in the Concrete Jungle (Governing 7/21/10)

A New Incentive to go Solar in the Philadelphia Area (Philadelphia Inquirer 7/19/10)

Philly Switching Traffic Signal Bulbs to LED Lights (Philadelphia Inquirer 7/13/10)

Bold Public-Private Venture Aims to Make Oregon City an 'Icon of Sustainability' (New York Times 7/7/10)

Philadelphia’s Plan for Reducing Energy Costs and Growing a Green Economy (Green Labor Journal 7/7/10)

Water Bills in Phila. Going up This Month (Philadelphia Inquirer 7/2/10)

June 2010

Women's Role in Warming World (Center for American Progress 6/26/10)

May 2010

GreenWorks Philadelphia Wins National Honor (Philadelphia Inquirer 5/14/10)

April 2010

Phila. gets a big boost for greener homes (Philadelphia Inquirer 4/24/10)

Mayor Nutter Launches Tree Planting Campaign: Green Philly, Grow Philly  (City of Philadelphia 4/24/10)

Don’t Landfill That Old House! Recycle It! (Philadelphia Inquirer 4/15/10)

Maryland adopts new socially aware corporation law (Philadelphia Inquirer 4/15/10)

Pay Dirt! Mr. Mayor, fear not compost  (City Paper 4/14/10)

Korean Railcars Being Built in S. Phila. for SEPTA (Philadelphia Inquirer 4/12/10)

Getting Started with Greening Your Supply Chain (GreenerDesign 4/12/10)

Green-building advocates take the LEED (Philadelphia Inquirer  4/11/10)

Pumped up over a smart heat-pump water heater  (Philadelphia Inquirer 4/5/10)

Building a Green Economy (NY Times Magazine 4/5/10)

March 2010

Portland’s sewers right as rain  (USA Today 3/29/10)

Weatherizing Program Slow to Start  (The Associated Press 3/27/10)

Helping cities go [zoning Code Green (University City Review 3/24/10)

Buy new appliance now, and it will pay (Philadelphia Inquirer 3/22/10)

PECO increases capital budget (PECO News Release 3/22/10)

Boston Housing Authority lands $63M energy efficiency upgrades  (Mass High Tech 3/19/10)

The Broken Society (NY Times 3/18/10)

Poll: 3 out of 4 Americans Approve of Solar Energy Development on Public Lands (SEIA 3/18/10)

Seeking to boost students’ interest in science (Philadelphia Inquirer 3/16/10)

SBN report tackles PWD’s long-term gain vs. short-term pain  (PlanPhilly 3/10/10)

Is the Green Jobs Movement Leaving Women Behind? ( 3/9/10)

February 2010

A push for better workforce training (Philadelphia Inquirer 2/28/10)

Walmart plans to lower carbon emissions across its vendor network  (Green Right Now 2/25/10)

Former White House adviser Van Jones lands new D.C. gig at liberal think tank (Washington Post 2/24/10)

HOME STAR: Putting Americans Back to Work  (Center for American Progress 2/23/10)

Hiring Freezes Hamper Weatherization Plan (NY Times 2/23/10)

First lady takes health message to N. Philadelphia  (Philadelphia Inquirer 2/20/10)

New Bike Path for Region, Courtesy of U.S. Stimulus  (Philadelphia Inquirer 2/18/10)

A “Green” City Plan to Reduce Storm Water Runoff  (Philadelphia Inquirer 2/5/10)

A Green and Fair Recovery  (Yes! Magazine 2/4/10)

January 2010

The President and Vice President Together on Easing Burdens for the Middle Class  (White House website 1/25/10)

Phila. aiming to improve energy efficiency  (Philadelphia Inquirer 1/16/10)

Valley gets $4 million for green jobs  (The Morning Call 1/14/10)

Program trains unemployed for green jobs (Philadelphia Inquirer 1/11/10)

Stimulus plan to aid small business owners  (The Morning Call 1/6/10)

Nutter’s Next Great City is being built  (WHYY 1/6/10)

December 2009

Going green, environmentally and financially  (Philadelphia Inquirer 12/25/09)

City’s ‘All Green’ Stormwater Plan Raises Eyebrows at EPA  (NY Times 12/24/09)

OSHA Head Talks About Making Green Jobs Safe  (DOL Website 12/16/09)

City Harvest program receives $300,000 from the USDA (Philadelphia Business Journal 12/18/09)

The early line on ‘Cash for Caulkers’  (Philadelphia Inquirer 12/15/09)

Nutter says Phila. aligned with president’s proposals  (Philadelphia Business Journal 12/9/09)

Obama, in Pennsylvania, prods companies and banks (Philadelphia Inquirer 12/5/09)

Solar Water Heating System for Riverside Correctional Facility (Press Release 12/4/09)

Economic ideas floated at local jobs summit (Philadelphia Inquirer 12/4/09)

Green Water Infrastructure Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives  (Press Release 12/3/09)

Chinese green team coming to Philly  (PlanPhilly 12/2/09)

Philadelphia to unveil incentive-based recycling plan  (Philadelphia Inquirer 12/2/09)

November 2009

Tech company SAP is living the green life  (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/29/09)

Solar-panel factory coming to Navy Yard (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/28/09)

National green building code is in the works  (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/26/09)

Nonprofit certifies businesses that do good (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/22/09)

As Sewers Fill, Waste Poisons Waterways  (NY Times 11/22/09)

Meidlinger fund seeks clean tech  (Phila. Business Journal 11/20/09)

A proposal to reward “green” city companies  (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/18/09)

City high-school kids best MIT in $10M car contest  (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/12/09)

A Solar Investment  (Philadelphia Inquirer 11/15/09)

October 2009

In Michigan, A Yellow Light For Green Jobs (Washington Post 10/6/09)

Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net  (NY Times 10/5/09)

September 2009

Breaking ground with a $1.6 billion plan to tame water  (Philadelphia Inquirer 9/27/09)

U.S. stimulus funds are helping in Philadelphia  (Philadelphia Inquirer 9/20/09)

Landmark Green Jobs Bill Passes Senate 52 – 8  (Huffington Post 9/11/09)

August 2009

Retooling for Factories of the Future (Philadelphia Inquirer 8/30/09)

A New Use for Industrial Sites: Industry  (Philadelphia Inquirer 8/30/09)

Brothers hoping LED business shines (Philadelphia Inquirer 8/23/09)

Nowhere but up: Window-maker feels stimulus  (Philadelphia Inquirer 8/23/09)

Green power revives defunct battery plant  (Philadelphia Inquirer 8/23/09)

Region’s green jobs depend on U.S. policy  (Philadelphia Inquirer 8/23/09)

July 2009

Green in more ways than one  (Philadelphia Inquirer 7/7/09)

PECO proposal seeks to slash power consumption (Philadelphia Inquirer 7/1/09)

June 2009

Green summit to offer how, why (Philadelphia Inquirer 6/21/09)

More Studies Extol Virtues of Green Jobs  (NY Times 6/18/09)

Changing Skyline: Attacking Asphalt (Philadelphia Inquirer 6/12/09)

Electrical contractors ready to embrace solar market (Philadelphia Inquirer 6/12/09)

Green Jobs Outpacing Traditional Ones  (Christian Science Monitor 6/10/2009)

Philadelphia creates green jobs to weatherize row houses  (Reuters 6/1/09)

May 2009

Green Jobs Gaining Popularity  (Voice of America 5/23/09)

One Stone?: Green-collar job programs aim to address two urban ills at once (Phila. City Paper 5/21/09)

Mayor Nutter to Build Emerald City (Forbes 5/5/09)

Creating a Lasting Green Economy (Philadelphia Inquirer 5/3/09)

April 2009

Work Force Training Funds Will Rise Along With Demand (Philadelphia Business Journal 4/17/09)

March 2009

Fighting for Green Justice  (American Prospect 3/23/09)

February 2009

A Green Collar Grant (Philadelphia Inquirer 2/27/09)

'Green Economy Task Force' on Capitol Hill (PlanPhilly 2/4/09)

October 2008

Saving the Working Class with Green-Collar Jobs  (Time Magazine 10/28/08)

September 2008

$100B Enviro Stimulus Packages Should Mean New Jobs (Philadelphia Business Journal 9/26/08)

May 2008

What Is a Green-Collar Job, Exactly?  (Time Magazine 5/26/08)

March 2008

Clean Energy Market Tops $77B, PA. Poised to Benefit (Philadelphia Business Journal 3/21/08) 


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