MilkCrate for Communities


You’re formally invited to download MilkCrate for Communities and start tracking your impact!

MilkCrate for Communities, a new sustainability and impact tracking platform, is now available to SBN members FREE as a benefit of membership.

Each SBN member business will receive at least one user account that can be used to connect and engage within a private SBN community – and to have a little fun competing along the way!

Once the app is downloaded (see instructions below), users are asked to check in a few times a week to:

  • Locate and check in to businesses that makeup our local economy, including SBN businesses.
  • Sign up for eco-services, like a Philly Foodworks CSA.
  • Register for volunteer opportunities, SBN, or sustainability-themed events.
  • Discover and commit to sustainable practices and lifestyle choices at home and in the office.

All this activity is tracked and associated with points. Users will see their points grow and their good activity rewarded with prizes like discounted membership renewals, VIP seats at our Entrepreneurs’ Roundtables, and products and services from SBN member businesses.

Get ready to make an impact, as all of our individual choices, whether they are about our food, energy, or transit, can add up to momentous collective change. Download the app and get started today!


Download instructions:

  • Follow this link to download, or simply search “MilkCrate for Communities” in your respective app stores to get started.
  • Use community code SBN2017 to join the SBN community. 
  • Need help? Watch this 10-minute webinar about getting started and maximizing your experience.


Want to highlight your business in the app? Fill out a form below!

  1. Highlight your business' service.
  2. Submit your business' upcoming event.
  3. Suggest an action relating to your business.
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