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 Sugary Beverage Tax Info Sheet

Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) has created a brief summary of the sugary beverage tax proposal, that includes the most salient pros and cons, as well as a rationale for SBN involvement.

If you have any questions about this proposal, please contact Saleem Chapman, Policy and Advocacy Manager.







The Economic Impact of Green City, Clean Waters: The First Five Years

Our Local Economic Impact Report of the First Five Years of Green City, Clean Waters is now available. The highly anticipated report, executed by Econsult, assesses the local economic impact of Green City, Clean Waters in its first 5 years. Using SBN’s GSI Partners as a proxy for the larger industry, the report also makes projections of what can be expected with continued investment in GSI.

SBN used the results of the report to brief City Council in February 2016, and will continue to use it in our advocacy efforts supporting the maximum triple bottom line success of Green City, Clean Waters. If you have any questions about the report, please contact Anna Shipp, GSI Partners Program Manager.






Taking Care of Business

SBN is proud to release “Taking Care of Business: Improving Philadelphia’s Small Business Climate,” a report detailing a yearlong study analyzing Philadelphia’s small business climate. The study, which concludes that Philadelphia has improved its support of small business in recent years but still lags behind the nation in creating and supporting small businesses, offers nine recommendations to streamline government regulation, foster an improved climate for business creation, and otherwise support small business, which represent 98 percent of all businesses in Philadelphia. Please contact us for more information.






Taking Care of Business: One Year Progress Report.

Last November, SBN released an award-winning report called Taking Care of Business: Improving Philadelphia’s Small Business Climate, which found that Philadelphia’s 93,000 small businesses provide over half the jobs in the city. SBN took on this project, with support from the William Penn Foundation, because we heard from members that Philadelphia is a hard place to do business and if you cannot figure out how to stay in business here, you cannot produce any of the strong social or environmental impacts that help create a strong local economy. Since the report release, SBN has been working behind the scenes alongside the City of Philadelphia to make Philadelphia a more supportive place for business owners like you.

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