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SBN has partnered with B Lab to offer members an opportunity to measure and benchmark their social and environmental performance using the B Ratings System.

The B Ratings System is a comprehensive, user-friendly online survey that evaluates your company's impact on all stakeholders (Employees, Community, Environment, Consumers, and Governance). More than 3,700 companies have taken the B Ratings System to date; it is free and available to everyone.

Taking the survey is a relatively easy process. Simply click on the link, fill-out the profile, and you're off and running. The entire process should take 60 to 90 minutes. You also have the opportunity to save your work and come back later to finish the survey, if need be. Your answers are completely confidential and only available to B Lab and SBN for aggregate reporting purposes.

Please note that taking the B Ratings System does not require you to become a Certified B Corporation.

B Lab and SBN staff are available to answer any questions as you go through the process. Feel free to call either at:

SBN: (215) 922-7400
B LAB: (610) 296-8283

Start the B Lab survey

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