2024 – 2027 SBN Board Member Candidates

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) is special in many ways, one being that the organization chooses to be governed by volunteer representatives from our membership to help ensure we remain the authentic voice for the local independent triple bottom line business community. Each year, you – the membership of SBN – have the benefit and the responsibility to elect SBN’s Board of Directors. Please review the following board candidate profiles of your colleagues and peers who are offering their time and energy to lead in this capacity. 

New Candidates

Bo Zhao, Baby Gear Group


Personal Bio:


Bo Zhao is the founder and CEO of Baby Gear Group, a mission-based baby gear rental library. Baby Gear Group promotes participation in the circular and sharing economy and community building for families. Bo’s transformative journey from the oil and gas industry to advocating for sustainability was influenced by the profound experience of motherhood and a vision for a better future for the next generation. Bo is passionate about business practices that uplift the triple bottom line, and she actively mentors others in the entrepreneurial community. She resides in Center City with her husband and two daughters.


Bria George, I Love Thy Hood  


Personal Bio:


Bria George, a native of Philadelphia, serves as the Chief Operations Officer at I Love Thy Hood, a pioneering trash initiative co-founded alongside her husband, Matthew. With over 150 can owners located in the Philadelphia area, I Love Thy Hood cans have cleared over 75,000 tons from Philly streets. Passionate about addressing the waste crisis in Philadelphia, Bria has been instrumental in spearheading grassroots sustainability efforts in underrepresented brown and black neighborhoods. Her dedication lies in ensuring that community needs can be met while advocating for sustainable practices. With a robust background spanning digital marketing, digital media, and social strategy, Bria brings over 8 years of invaluable experience to her role.


A fervent lover of cooking, she curates and shares her culinary kitchen adventures through her acclaimed food blog, “Biya’s Bites,” boasting a dedicated following of over 2,400 food enthusiasts.


Through her multifaceted endeavors, Bria exemplifies a blend of professional prowess and community-driven leadership. Her unwavering dedication to sustainability, coupled with her love for culinary arts, embodies a holistic approach to enriching lives both within and beyond the realms of her initiatives.


Jessica Hartley, Vicinity Energy


Personal Bio:


Jessica is currently the Environmental, Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Community Relations Manager for Vicinity Energy in Philadelphia and Trenton. After being influenced by a favorite high school teacher to pursue a career in environmental protection, Jessica set off for college where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in environmental science/political science from Albright College. Following an internship at the Delaware County Conservation District, Jessica went back to school and obtained a master’s degree in environmental protection management from St. Joseph’s University. Before stepping into her current position, Jessica worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for 9 years in the waste management and water quality programs. She also gained a unique experience managing impactful environmental events while working on the emergency response team during her time at PADEP.

Jessica lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two children. They enjoy hiking, skiing, canoeing, and are big music lovers. Jessica enjoys volunteer work and collaborating with others. She is thrilled that her relatively new role as community relations manager at Vicinity will allow her additional time performing service work in the City.


Diane Wilde, Riverwards Produce


Personal Bio:


Diane is the Chief Talent Officer for Riverwards Produce. She has lived in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia for 14 years as a mother, business woman in HR, yoga teacher and singer. She thrives when she’s being active in the community and she naturally connects people and organizations to the resources they need. She would love the opportunity to further her community here at SBN and in Philly as a whole.