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On Saturday, Shop Small, but don’t stop there.

On Small Business Saturday in 2016, 112 million shoppers showed their love for their favorite spots, and spent a reported $15.4 billion at small businesses.1

For the past seven years, this holiday has helped small businesses gain exposure and experience increased sales at the beginning of the holiday season.

As a community comprised of many small local businesses, we love that Small Business Saturday has helped consumers understand the importance of supporting your local economy:

• Spending money locally matters. Fourteen jobs are created for every $10 million in consumer spending at Amazon. Fifty-seven jobs are created for the same amount spent locally.2

• On average, 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses was recirculated locally, compared to less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores.3

• There is a chance that you can ditch your car for the day and take a walk to meet your shopping needs.

It is clear. Shopping at small local businesses is an effective way to support your community.

So, please go out on Saturday and shop small.

But don’t stop there. Acquaint yourself with your small, local business community.

And shop local every day.

We encourage you to accept the challenge to rethink where you shop and do business and to make a commitment to choose local independent businesses.

The SBN community demonstrates every day the degree to which businesses can build profitable enterprises and serve community needs and protect the environment. The local independent businesses that make up our community set the example for how business can be a force for good.

Check out our online Sustainable Business Directory and add some of our member businesses to your Small Business Saturday shopping list, and then keep them in your regular rotation.