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The Collaborative Power of Best for PHL

by Guest Contributor, Cynthia Estremera, Strategy Arts

“For the great doesn’t happen through impulse alone, and is a succession of little things that are brought together.” — Vincent van Gogh

From Tesla to Disney, Microsoft to Google, CEOs are understanding that their influence on the environment in their respective industry can be considered almost paramount to profit. In light of the U.S. federal government decision to withdraw support from the Paris climate agreement, many of our nation’s top CEOs are standing up for global environmental protection. The world faces many challenges as we continue to struggle with climate change, and companies can take a stand on global policy and advocate for creating better futures.

Best for PHL aims to help the business community build a better future for our region. Best for PHL understands that our government may not have the resources to make changes alone, but even more so, many businesses are now standing on the right side of history with the capacity and intent to drive real solutions. Historically, businesses have often had the reputation of compromising their integrity for profit. Stakeholders have been hurt in the process when businesses have decided to do the wrong things because of the strong drive for shareholder returns. While social impact in business models is a growing “trend,” it is impossible to dismiss businesses who care about the triple bottom line.

At Best for PHL Challenge workshops, businesses learn about what it takes to become a Best for PHL Community Member. Business owners take a 30–40 minute assessment, a learning tool aimed at focusing their business practices around workers, environment, and community, and teaching them innovative ways of improving impact. In reflection break-out sessions, businesses participate in dialogue around particular questions that stood out to them as Impact Improvement Goals. The most important aspect of the workshop comes from networking with like-minded businesses and building the kinds of relationships where businesses can brainstorm about struggles and share successes.

Our business leaders feel compelled to reach out and extend their hands in congratulations to companies who are doing amazing work while simultaneously reaching out to help others.

We recognize the work of businesses that are already making an impact, but each time a company finds a new way to improve impact, they are taking incremental steps, together, to improve the face of business in Philadelphia.

Best for PHL is the channel for these powerful potential connections and empowers businesses to celebrate small changes that lead each business down the path of doing the right thing and standing on the right side of history.

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