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Hardwood Flooring

From SBN Members, Palandro LLC:

Back in the 70’s, “Save Our Trees” was a common expression. Today, we know we can harvest trees responsibly to enjoy real wood products while still preserving forest ecosystems. While the logging industry is not completely free of problems, you might be surprised to learn that forest area in the U.S. has actually slightly increased since 1910 despite a huge increase in population. Like it or not, preserving much of this land as forest depends on our continued ability to make it economically viable — including harvest for flooring products.

Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring materials around, for a multitude of reasons. Hardwood is durable, beautiful, east to maintain, popular, and a renewable resources. It may also improve your home value, can be procured locally, and can be reclaimed and used in another project at end of life.

All hardwood is not equal in quality or impact. Poor forestry practices wreak havoc on the environment, while a properly managed forest benefits wildlife and climate. We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products to ensure that your wood flooring comes from responsibly managed forests. FSC is doing an impressive job enforcing environmental best practices in forestry and protecting worker’s rights, indigenous people’s rights, communities, and supply chain integrity.

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