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We are a community of local independent businesses that demonstrates the degree to which businesses can build profitable enterprises while serving community needs and protecting the environment. When the voice of the independent business community grows larger, it becomes even more difficult to ignore. As such, we invite you to welcome a business you know and trust into our community.

SBN Member Guidelines

Members receive and create value by participating in programming, building a strong interconnected local business climate, and advancing the local impact economy.

SBN Members:

  • Are committed to the local economy, the environment, and Philadelphia’s diverse communities
  • Promote products and services through SBN networks and collaborations to reach new and ready consumers of sustainable products and services while keeping business costs to a minimum
  • Benefit from SBN research, legislative victories and initiatives for sustainable businesses
  • Receive business support, like resources, connections, and best practices.
  • Support other local businesses that reflect their values and concerns, making sure our region – our place – doesn’t become just any place

“We love being connected to a supportive network. It is overwhelming to see the wealth of business leaders who have similar missions and motivations to make the business environment, physical environment, and general world a better place.”

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Please reach out for more info. We’ll be happy to help you!