What We Do

What We Do

We are the regional resource for a wide range of GSI stakeholders and experts working together to share knowledge, advocate for better facilitation and incentivization of GSI, and build equity and climate resilience through the growth of the local GSI industry.

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We engage our diverse members and other relevant stakeholders to amplify the triple bottom line impact of nature-based solutions to stormwater management and the partners and projects who make our region a national leader in GSI innovation.


We invite you to use our member directory and networking events to connect with GSI professionals and the larger local business community working together to create a just, green, and thriving local economy.


We are proactive and responsive to relevant agencies and stakeholders on topics that impact the growth of the GSI industry and its role in shifting the economic ecosystem towards equity and climate resilience.

“We have been a member for 7 years. SBN is reaching out to us on so many levels–for policy input, business opportunities, funding suggestions–and every event feels unique and important.”

Allegra DerengowskiBirchtree Catering

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A significant portion of our work is advocating for policies that advance the green stormwater infrastructure industry, including maximizing the local economic impact of the public and private investments in GSI.

Program & Events

Throughout the year, GSI Partners convene to share knowledge, learn best practices, and build lasting relationships with other industry professionals in the region.

Research & Publications

We are a trusted voice in the growth of the GSI industry and our many research contributions have been used locally and nationally to demonstrate the necessity to prioritize green infrastructure solutions.


To support the growth of the GSI industry we collect and share information about credits, bonuses, or other incentives and educational resources for businesses in the GSI industry.

Professional Development

We want to help your business remain competitive in the growing GSI industry through grants to support your continued professional growth and to strengthen individual employees, businesses, and the local GSI industry as a whole.

PWD’s Rain Check Program

We are proud to be working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to expand the city’s residential stormwater management efforts through our partnership in the management of the Rain Check program.

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