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Throughout the year, GSI Partners convene to share knowledge, learn best practices, and build lasting relationships with other industry professionals in the region.

Quarterly Meetings

Every quarter, we bring together our members, sponsors, and other GSI industry professionals for GSI Partners Quarterly Meetings. These meetings provide regular opportunities to network and build lasting relationships, hear updates about the GSI Partners’ current work, and engage in peer learning on best management practices and other relevant industry information.


Excellence in GSI Awards

The Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony is the region’s only award that celebrates and elevates green stormwater infrastructure projects and innovations, the triple bottom line (TBL) benefits of a nature-based approach to stormwater management, and the partners who bring these projects to life in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Winning applications highlighted the triple bottom line (environmental, social, and economic) benefits of a green infrastructure approach to stormwater management.

Excellence in GSI Awards Nomination Form

Operations and Maintenance Course

This 3-day course is designed to increase the knowledge of landscape contractors and landcare managers as it relates to public and private GSI operation and maintenance. Students will leave this course with a basic understanding of the regulatory context of stormwater management, BMPs and their components, how to maintain the vegetation and above-ground components using adaptive and prescriptive management techniques, and how to diagnose and respond to safety and performance issues.


Upcoming Events

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