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On June 27, SBN’s GSI Partners and DVGBC hosted the second of two peer-to-peer symposia exploring dynamic performance aspects of GSI. The symposium, held at Lea Elementary School, focused on plant performance in green stormwater infrastructure systems. Walter Yerk, Ph.D. candidate at Drexel University, presented his research on rainfall interception by shrubs and vegetated canopies; Sasha Eisenman, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor of Horticulture at Temple University, presented his research on tree species performance in stormwater tree trenches; and Sara Pevaroff Schuh, RLA, ASLA, founder and principal of SALT Design Studio, presented a case study of Lea Elementary’s green schoolyard. Julie Snell, ISA, founding principal of TEND Landscapes Inc., moderated a thoughtful discussion on the importance of research for the growth of the GSI industry, as well as the importance of an ongoing dialogue between practitioners and researchers.
Lea Elementary received our Excellence in GSI Award for Public Projects back in March 2016. We are proud our members, SALT Design Studio and TEND Landscapes, continue to be highlighted as the leaders they are.


Symposium attendees tour Lea Elementary's green schoolyard

Symposium attendees tour Lea Elementary’s green schoolyard


Click here to review the slides and information presented at the symposium on plant performance in GSI systems. 

The event series culminates this Fall with the release of a precedent library of exemplary GSI designs, systems, and approaches. The precedent library will include case studies of high-performing or otherwise exemplary urban GSI projects from across the country, as well as peer-reviewed research that demonstrates the degree to which GSI systems perform. The library will be used as a tool to help inform the approval of more innovative and vegetated stormwater management projects in Philadelphia, and as a resource for industry professionals and other stakeholders to help increase the collective understanding of the dynamic capacity of GSI.