Home$17,000 in GSI Continuing Education Grants Given Since October

Since October, we have granted $17,000 to 13 local business to support professional development for their staff as it relates to their GSI portfolios.

SBN’s GSI Partners offer Continuing Education Grants all year for many different types of courses and conferences to help members advance their businesses in the evolving GSI industry.


Since October – Here is a snapshot of some of the ways GSI Partners have used the funds since October:

  • One firm is receiving customized training on the use of the FLIR E6, a thermal imaging tool they plan to apply to stormwater management projects.
  • Fifteen employees from four member firms received NOFA’s Organic Land Care Accreditation in December.
  • A green roofing firm received OSHA training, allowing them to hire subcontractors and expand their scope.


Coming up – Here is a snapshot of upcoming opportunities.  These are targeted at landscape and/or hardscape professionals interested in working towards ICPI’s Permeable Interlocking Concrete Paver (PICP) Specialist designation or are simply interested in learning more about the specifics of porous paver installation.

​Mid-Atlantic Hardscaping Trade Show
Educational opportunities abound
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
February 16-17, 2015
Atlantic City Convention Center
Atlantic City, NJ
Register here.

ICPI Concrete Paver Installer Course
Many local options in February and March
See ICPI’s website for the full list.

PICP (Porous Interlocking Concrete Paver)
Specialist Course

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
March 24th 2015
Courtyard Wall at Monmouth Shores Corporate Park
1302 Campus Parkway
Wall Township, NJ
Register here.


Let SBN’s GSI Partners support professional development for you and your staff.

We cover 75% of the cost of CEU’s, conferences, etc. that help your business remain competitive and advance in the growing GSI industry.

  • $50k in grants available annually
  • GSI Partners are eligible for up to $5,000/year
  • Rolling application
  • Customizable requests

​We encourage GSI Partners to think creatively about what kinds of courses and conferences can help them expand and strengthen the GSI components of their work, and then apply for these grants. If you’re not sure whether a course qualifies, don’t hesitate to ask!

For more info, visit our website or contactchris@sbnphiladelphia.org.