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A Note from PWD is a new monthly feature for 2015. We thank PWD for providing monthly content for this section.  

Effective July 1, 2015, the Philadelphia Water Department will update its Stormwater Regulations for private development to meet requirements of the Clean Water Act. These changes include:

Water Quality Improvements Business Friendly Improvements
Manage more water: Each development project will hold more water on site. Faster project approvals: PWD will introduce a new expedited review option.
Slow water entering sewers: The rate of stormwater entering the sewer system will be slower. Clear application resources: Simple worksheets and application materials to improve submissions.
Clean water entering sewers: Each site will filter the dirtiest stormwater running off the site. Accessible information: PWD will develop a new Guidance Manual and PlanReview Website

More detailed information, including frequently asked questions, can be found on our website athttp://www.phillywatersheds.org/StormwaterRegulations. We understand that changes to stormwater regulations will impact designers, engineers, developers and property owners in Philadelphia. PWD will be hosting focus groups and information sessions and we encourage you to provide us your feedback on the regulations changes. Join our mailing list to receive updates about the July 2015 changes to the Stormwater Regulations, upcoming events, and other important information from PWD Plan Review.