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A Note from PWD is a monthly feature new in 2015. We thank PWD for providing monthly content for this section.  

PWD continues to solicit feedback from the development community about the proposed changes to Stormwater Regulations set to take effect in July of 2015. The first of a series of focus groups was held on January 7th with over 30 participants. Notes from that meeting can be found here.

A second focus group was held on February 12th, and notes from that session will be online in early March.

Two additional focus groups sessions will be held in April on the Guidance Manual and website.

For regular updates, visitwww.phillywatersheds.org/stormwaterregulations.

You can also submit feedback through our online form.

This chart summarizes the regulatory changes.  

Regulation Change Summary
Current Regulations July 2015 Regulations
Water Quality Volume 1.0” 1.5”
Water Quality Rate 0.24 cfs/acre 0.05 cfs/acre
Water Quality Treatment Separate Sewer 100% volume reducing 100% pollutant reducing
Combined Sewer 20% volume reducing 100% surface pollutant reducing