HomeA Vision (and a Plan) for Collaboration

While Green City, Clean Waters creates a vision for collaborative partnerships across various institutions, it requires the development of processes and relationships that can effectively support the design, implementation, and maintenance of those cross-sector investments.


But what exactly does that look like? And how can it be achieved?


Building an environment that is hospitable to GSI requires tools and approaches that function to support the needs and interests of both the private and public sector in a way that is transparent, cost-effective, and collaborative.


As a leader, Philadelphia is well-positioned to continue exploring this dynamic and how each sector can inform and support the other’s work and underlying goals as it relates to GSI work throughout the region. Progress can be seen in the Philadelphia Water Department’s efforts to engage with businesses within the industry on multiple levels, to explore their resource needs and the challenges they encounter as they design, build, and maintain GSI projects. Most recently, their updates to their Stormwater Grants Program reflects their willingness to receive feedback and implement changes. 


SBN is proud to engage with its innovative and committed community of GSI Partners to provide perspective and feedback to our city’s institutions as we work to create an ecosystem that is conducive for local businesses and the growth of the GSI industry. By connecting and convening multiple stakeholders, we can continue to assess challenges and collaboratively develop realistic solutions that can further the individual and collective goals of the industry, driving greater impact, and success for the long term. 


Beyond that, using collaborative partnerships as a mechanism to inform policies and processes can extend beyond GSI to other areas related to water. Efforts towards watershed conservation and universal access to clean water will only see success if multiple perspectives are brought to the table to discuss solutions and opportunities to reconcile environmental efforts with business. SBN is excited to continue to raise the voice of business on water as it extends outside of stormwater as we recognize its role in sustaining a thriving local economy and improving the resiliency of regional communities.


As GSI Partners, we value your input and need your expertise to inform our work so we can better support you. Additionally, we invite you to participate in our continued efforts to develop feasible stormwater management solutions