HomeClean Water Act Task Force will improve inter-agency coordination for GCCW

We are excited to learn that the Kenney Administration is moving forward on the convening of a Clean Water Act Task Force, which will include representatives of many City agencies who will work collaboratively among themselves and with other stakeholders to achieve the goals of the federal Clean Water Act and the City’s priority to ensure vibrant and healthy communities through the preservation and enhancement of our natural resources.


SBN has repeatedly called for a strong city-wide commitment around Green City, Clean Waters as well as improved interagency coordination towards its success.  The creation of a Clean Water Act Task Force is a huge step in that direction, and even takes things to the next level by ensuring attention in the MS4 area as well. We look forward to learning more about the Clean Water Act Task Force as it develops, and applaud the administration for recognizing the importance of a group effort to meet Clean Water Act goals.