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Committee Updates – Our Advocacy Committee finalized our platform for strong unified leadership around the advancement of Green City, Clean Waters for the upcoming Mayoral and City Council elections.  We have begun outreach to candidates (and have already met with a few), organizational partners, fellow members, etc. to raise awareness of and garner support for our platform in preparation for SBN’s Mayoral Forum, as well as the primary and the election itself.   We are grateful to already have support from friends like the BIA of Philadelphia for our Green City, Clean Waters plank, as well as from other organizations for the full Good Economy Challenge.

Additionally, our Advocacy Committee, in collaboration with our friends at the NRDC, PennFuture, and with support from DVGBC, have composed our thoughts on how PWD’s proposed July 2015 regulatory changes will likely affect the prioritization and facilitation of green projects, and our recommendations for ensuring continued progress on the triple bottom line goals set forth in Green City, Clean Waters.

See our Industry News section for more information on these proposed changes, and our new “Note from PWD” section for more from PWD.  

Our Business Engagement Committee finalized the special topics for our 2015 Quarterly Meeting calendar. The Committee is currently working on a 2015 membership growth plan.

Our Plan Review Committee has begun to research policies, codes, and other guidances that either help or hinder the streamlined approval of projects that use vegetated approaches to managing stormwater.  We will compile results into a report that we will use to support our ongoing advocacy work regarding improved facilitation of GSI.

Our Small Business Innovation Grant Committee has decided on an exciting direction for the grant program: support the long term collection of triple bottom line (environmental, social, economic) data of vegetated stormwater management practices. They have identified several important questions to ask stakeholders that will help inform the development of the grant program.  The committee’s next step is to release an RFP to hire a consultant to lead the stakeholder engagement process and help develop the program itself.  Contact[email protected] if you want to support this committee and/or know of a consultant who might be interested in this work.