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On behalf of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), the GSI Partners will be recognizing excellence in GSI in the following categories: Public, Private, and Innovation. Winning applications will highlight the TPL (environmental, social, and economic) benefits of a green infrastructure approach to stormwater management. 

Congratulations Drexel Perelman Plaza and Korman Quad. 


Students’ university years are notable times for building connections and forging new paths for their future. Much of this growth happens on campus, providing colleges and universities a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to a dynamic student culture and sustainability through the design of their built environments. The design and construction of Drexel University’s Perelman Plaza and Korman Quad exemplify such practices, transforming what was once an impervious pedestrian pathway into a verdant junction for students, faculty, and the community to convene at the heart of campus.


Meliora Design led the removal of 8,000 square feet of impervious cover, replacing nearly 1.2 acres of existing impervious surfaces with porous pavers. The existing subsurface utilities and Septa subway line and substation present beneath the site necessitated coordinated and innovative planning between the design team, SEPTA, and the Philadelphia Water Department. Because the pervious pavers above the substation could not be considered “pervious,” the team graded the area to direct runoff into two subsurface stormwater beds below the planting beds. The resulting SMP system allows runoff to both infiltrate and be slowly released into the sewer system, managing nearly 82% of the site’s impervious cover.


Designed to improve pedestrian flow and to reintroduce nature-based features into the landscape, these two sites now provide increased shade and natural beauty via 120 new trees, while also managing stormwater. The project also features over 1,000 linear feet of public seating.


In 2016, the Perelman Plaza portion of the project received a GSI Partners Monitoring Grant to support onsite monitoring activities. This process has informed the University about the importance of construction inspection and testing prior to project completion.


Congratulations to the partners who made this project an example of the kind of nature-based approach to stormwater management that has made the Greater Philadelphia Area a leader in GSI. 


County: Philadelphia
Watershed: Lower Schuylkill
Planning/Design Team: Meliora Design and Andropogon Associates
Client: Drexel University
Construction/Maintenance/Monitoring: Hunter Roberts, Bittenbender Construction, Drexel University, and Meliora Design


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