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The Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony (May 23) is the region’s only award that celebrates and elevates green stormwater infrastructure projects and innovations, the triple bottom line (TBL) benefits of a nature-based approach to stormwater management, and the partners who bring these projects to life in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Buy tickets.


On behalf of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), the GSI Partners will recognize excellence in GSI in the following categories: Public, Private, and Innovation. Winning applications will highlight the TBL benefits of a green infrastructure approach to stormwater management. 

Congratulations Green Infrastructure Living Laboratory (GILL). 


The Green Infrastructure Living Laboratory (GILL) is taking a Smart City approach to GSI monitoring with a focus on low-cost, DIY solutions that use the latest communication technology to perform real-time, remote sensing. The research team transmits and stores data in the cloud to create actionable responses related to irrigation, maintenance, and the optimization of GSI systems.


What makes GILL different is that it 1) designs, builds, and deploys its own sensor hardware and software – soldering circuit boards and writing custom code to keep costs as low as possible; and 2) creates mathematical models of systems to make them more efficient and create predictive equations. The research team is forming the basis for private property owners to be able to afford high-tech monitoring solutions and for utilities to be minimally invasive or overbearing, while ensuring compliance with stormwater regulations.


The technology is working to maximize the capacity of GSI systems, offering options for real-time control and alerts for maintaining these systems when the sensors report certain information. GILL’s technology has huge environmental and economic implications, contributing to avoided costs of plan replacement, maximizing GSI system efficiency and leak detection, both which have major benefits for property managers and developers.


In addition to providing real-time data that can be conveyed to the public, there is also the potential to enable crowd-sourcing and two-way communication; for citizens to be able to report via comments or pictures when a GSI site is impaired or needs maintenance. Citizen science initiatives can be recorded, mapped, and incentivized to promote consistent maintenance and community buy-in.


GILL is also collecting hard data to address the impacts of climate change in order to better understand how GSI can contribute to flood protection and how it can perform during the peak flow of extreme events.


Location: Philadelphia
Primary: Drexel University’s Green Infrastructure Living Laboratory (GILL)
Client: Private property owners and Philadelphia Water Department (PWD)
Partners: Philadelphia Water Department


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