Committee Updates – Our Business Engagement Committee has finalized the special topics for our 2015 Quarterly Meeting calendar.  Next, they will develop our 2015 membership growth strategy.

Our Plan Review Committee met with PWD to share the findings of our report, PWD’s Stormwater Plan Review: Compliments and Recommendations for Continued Improvements.  It was received favorably, and the Committee will continue to follow up regarding the implementation of these recommendations.  The Committee has begun to research policies and codes that either help or hinder the streamlined approval of projects that use vegetated approaches to managing stormwater, and will compile results into a report.

Our Advocacy Committee finalized our platform for strong unified leadership around the advancement of Green City, Clean Waters for the upcoming Mayoral and City Council elections.  Next, they will begin outreach to candidates, organizational partners, fellow members, etc. to raise awareness and garner support in preparation for the Good Economy Challenge, SBN’s Mayoral Forum, as well as the primary and the election itself.

Our Small Business Innovation Grant Committee has decided on a direction for the grant program, which will support longitudinal monitoring of vegetated stormwater management practices.