HomeHow PowerCorps Helped Steer Paul Johnson’s Career

After spending six months in jail, Paul Johnson was concerned that his criminal record would prevent him from reentering the working world. His parole officer connected him to SBN Member and GSI Partner PowerCorpsPHL, where Johnson was accepted and began learning the skills he needed to advance his career.
Johnson told BillyPenn, “I know it’s hard for people from the outside looking in to understand, but you really feel like there are not that many options as there really is.”
Initially unfamiliar with green stormwater approaches, Johnson was introduced to GSI through the program and its partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department. He quickly learned more about this sustainable approach to stormwater management and started field work, discovering his growing interest in the topic. 
After just six months in PowerCorps, Johnson was asked to be an assistant crew leader and mentor the next group of people. Now, Johnson works as a Green Infrastructure Maintenance Technician at AKRF, an environmental engineering and consulting company (and sponsor of SBN’s GSI Partners).
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