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Reduction of stormwater runoff. Improvement in water quality. Mitigation of urban heat island effect. Restoration of natural wildlife habitats. Formation of greened acres and recreation spaces. A boon to the local economy. 


These are just a few of the intended environmentalsocial, and economicbenefits of green stormwater infrastructure


We are now six years into Green City, Clean Waters, the City of Philadelphia’s comprehensive nature-based stormwater management plan, and the implementation of this ambitious plan continues to highlight its triple bottom line approach and serves as a model for municipalities across the nation and beyond. 


The outcomes of the plan have so far not only met but exceeded intent. And as more and more GSI projects are completed in our neighborhoods, there is an increased need for local landscape professionals to maintain GSI sites to ensure that the stormwater regulations driving Green City, Clean Waters are being met. Because of this, SBN’s GSI Partners is hosting a 3-day GSI Operations and Maintenance (O+M) Course on November 2, 3, & 10. 


Students will leave this course with a basic understanding of the regulatory context of stormwater management, BMPs and their components, how to maintain the vegetation and above-ground components using adaptive and prescriptive management techniques, and how to diagnose and respond to safety and performance issues. Click here to learn more and register


GSI Partners are eligible for up to $5,000 in Continuing Education Grants per business per year. Members can use this benefit to pay for O+M course registration. Not a member? Click here to join today


In addition to access to education grants, GSI Partners enjoy membership within the larger Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) community, increased visibility through our online searchable directory, free access to events including SBN’s policy breakfasts*, and networking opportunities.


We welcome you to begin or continue to build connections with local GSI professionals at our next Quarterly Meeting on the morning of October 25 at Temple University Center City. Click here to learn more and register


At the next quarterly meeting, Michelle Kondo, Ph.D of the USDA-Forest Service will join us to explore the question: Does GSI Make Our Communities Healthier and Safer?