HomeJanuary Quarterly Meeting and Advocacy Platform

Last week, we had our first Quarterly Meeting of 2015.  Despite the unfortunate reschedule from the week prior due to the snow forecast, we had a full room of industry professionals in attendance.

We welcomed SBN’s newest employee, Chris Hershberger-Esh, the GSI Partners Program Associate. He has significant administrative responsibilities, including processing GSI Partners membership and continuing education grant requests, managing our website and communications, and tracking metrics.  He also plays a key role in supporting our responsibilities with Rain Check.

Committee Chairs shared updates on their work since October and what’s next; gave a snapshot of where we are with membership and our continuing education grants; shared our progress on the development of a GSI O+M Course as well as our work with Rain Check; and shared specifics about our Advocacy work, progress on the GSI Precedent Library, and our decision for the direction of what we’ve been calling the Small Business Innovation Grant.

Click here to learn more about SBN’s election platform, the Good Economy Challenge, which includes a plank about strong unified leadership for Green City, Clean Waters, and improved coordination across City departments to further support its success.  Click here to jump right to the Green City, Clean Waters part.

We facilitated a networking activity that had attendees sharing their goals for 2015 and the “why” that drives the decisions they make for their business.

We concluded the morning with Sara Schuh of SBN Member and GSI Partner, Salt Design Studio, who presented a case study of a successful project involving green infrastructure in Ardmore, PA.  The project brought together the township and the community to create 1-acre Linwood Park where there was once a parking lot.  Harriet Ruffin, a Board member of the Friends of Linwood Park, joined Sara to share more about the community benefits of the project.

Click here for the full slide deck with meeting minutes included.