HomeJuly 28th Quarterly Meeting Review and Slide Deck

Fifty-four professionals attended the GSI Partners’ Quarterly Meeting on July 28th, including a good mix of new attendees. The meeting focused on GSI Operation and Maintenance (O+M) agreements and featured a panel including Sarah Stevenson, Philadelphia Water’s Enforcement Officer, who discussed the regulatory context of O+M Agreements. We also heard from Dan Garafalo of the University of Pennsylvania and Jane Winkle from Roofmeadow.

This panel was intended to scratch the surface of this huge topic. We had a bit of time for questions and open discussion, which further confirmed the need for a separate future event to delve deeper into GSI Operation and Maintenance. We will keep you informed as this develops.

We also broke into small groups to discuss 1) how to leverage the GSI Partners to further our business goals, and 2) how to leverage our other connections and networks to help achieve our collective goals to advance the local industry and innovation. Volunteers in each group took notes to capture some of the key take-aways, which we’re excited to review.

We also shared what’s happening with the GSI Partners, including updates from our Advocacy, Plan Review, and Awards Ceremony Committees, which you can read about in the Slide Deck.

We received some valuable feedback on the meeting via our new online evaluation. If you attended, please take a minute or two to share your thoughts, which will help shape future Quarterly Meetings.

We were excited to see yet another strong showing!

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