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On behalf of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), the GSI Partners will recognize excellence in GSI in the following categories: Public, Private, and Innovation. Winning applications will highlight the TBL benefits of a green infrastructure approach to stormwater management. 

Congratulations Kelly Green Project. 


Together, the Kelly Green Project, along with Asarum LandDesign Group has been working to transform the John B. Kelly school grounds from a vacant blighted landscape to a healthy vibrant play, education, and community gathering space.


Employing a socially engaged design and planning process to cultivate community buy-in, ownership, and stewardship, the project is revolutionary in that it builds the capacity for project success through design, construction, environmental literacy innovation, and educational programing, while also embracing a process that employs incremental steps to achieve a vision that continues to be caused.


Frequently, when we “give” GSI to a neighborhood or school without creative social engagement, there is no community investment and therefore no ownership or stewardship. The Kelly Green Project is working differently—working to build the community’s capacity by ensuring the ownership is present and possible, so that stewardship has a chance.


By building smaller-scale community supported “seed projects” with little to no budget, Asarum and the Kelly Green Project have been directly fostering effective engagement, building leadership and inspiring investment, which is fostering ownership by the community.


Environmentally, the project’s meadow and natural play space function to infiltrate water, restore and celebrate local biodiversity, and provide opportunities for environmental education. Socially, the project builds community pride and ownership and offers a place to gather and creatively play. Economically, the transformation of these spaces functions to create a foundation for new economic opportunities for local families.


Overall, the socially engaged design at the Kelly School directly meets triple bottom line objectives through direct investment of the community, by the community, for the community.



County: Philadelphia
Primary: Kelly Green Project
Client: John B. Kelly School
Partners: Asarum LandDesign Group


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