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The GSI Partners have 5 working committees: Advocacy, Awards Ceremony, Business Engagement, Monitoring Grant, and Plan Review.  Contact [email protected] for more information or to join a committee.

  • Advocacy:  Now that our Mayoral Forum and the Primaries are behind us, the Advocacy Committee is looking ahead, planning how to engage with Philadelphia’s elected officials to advance the recommendations made in the Good Economy Challenge around Green City, Clean Waters.  The Committee is also discussing tasks for after PWD’s regulatory updates and Stormwater Guidance Manual go into effect on July 1, including a formal review and comment of the Manual itself.
  • Awards Ceremony:   We are planning an Awards Ceremony for Spring of 2016 to further celebrate and elevate the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure and the partners who make these projects happen. The committee is responsible for the nomination and selection process, as well as planning what the awards themselves should look like. We are hiring an event manager to help us plan, promote, and execute the event itself. Click here to view the RFP. 
  • Business Engagement: The Business Engagement Committee continues to plan for the July Quarterly meeting, and is currently working to finalize our GSI Operation and Maintenance panel.