HomeNRDC Hosts Roundtable on “Green Edge Report”

On November 12th, the NRDC hosted a roundtable in Philadelphia as a follow up to their 2013 Green Edge Report. The all-day event brought together 20 professionals from NYC, Philadelphia, and DC, including representatives from the development community, property owners and managers, engineers, and government to discuss strategies that could better facilitate private sector implementation of green stormwater infrastructure. We learned a great deal from the conversation and thank Larry Levine and Alisa Valderrama at the NRDC for coordinating the event and for the opportunity to attend.

The NRDC will host a similar workshop on the West Coast and combine the lessons and recommendations from both gatherings into a 2015 report.

We always find significant value in bringing stakeholders together for discussions like this.  We look forward to reading the NRDC’s report and to more conversations about how to better facilitate the implementation of green stormwater infrastructure.