HomeOctober’s Quarterly Meeting Summary

We started off Tuesday in the best way – with another wonderful Quarterly Meeting hosted by the always-gracious folks at Urban Engineers.  We celebrated our first 2 years* with a review of all we’ve done in that short time frame: our Local Community of Practice and Strategic Plan, branding and the launch of our website, membership and sponsorship growth, the award to help with the management of Rain Check, commencing the development of a GSI Operation and Maintenance Curriculum, disbursal of almost $40k in Continuing Education Grants, Committees, 15 meetings and other events, and the award of a significant 2-year grant from the William Penn Foundation.  

We had a large group forum and small group break-outs where we invited attendees to share what has been valuable so far, and what else would be valuable to them and the growth of their business.  We heard a ton of compliments and great ideas for future meetings and events.  Our Business Engagement Committee will take all these ideas and begin fleshing out content and networking for our meetings and events in 2015.

Click here for the slide deck with notes from the meeting.

Save the date for our next meeting on Tuesday January 27, 2015.

*The Surnda Foundation provided initial funding for the GSI Partners and continues to fund our work through 2015.