HomeOregon State University Cuts Ribbon on Green Stormwater Infrastructure Research Facility

 “OSU-Benton County is a three-celled stormwater research facility for field-scale experiments and testing on green infrastructure.  The cells provide the ability to test various stormwater treatment technologies and treatment of various stormwater contaminants.  These cells are also instrumented with multiple sensors to enable better data collection and modeling…In addition to stormwater treatment, this facility supports long term research on stormwater quality to inform current and future projects for treating stormwater using ‘low impact development’ technology.  The facility also provides education and outreach to engage the general public in taking action to support enhancing water quality.”

We are excited to learn from the research that will come out of this facility, and continue to keep our ears to the ground on the progress of the Urban Waters Innovation Institute, which will hopefully be a Philadelphia version of this.

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