HomePhiladelphia Water Publically Releases Data Sets

Philadelphia Water released tons of their data last month, ahead of Code for Philly. Here are some of the highlights:
Green Stormwater Infrastructure Projects – Green City, Clean Waters is Philadelphia’s 25-year plan to protect and enhance our watersheds by managing stormwater with green infrastructure.
Green Infrastructure Completed Projects – Locations of completed Green Stormwater projects.
Outfalls – Locations where water flows out from the city’s system.
Rain Check Installation Sites – Rain Check is a Philadelphia Water program that helps residents manage stormwater at their homes. Participants can get a free rain barrel and/or get a downspout planter, rain garden or porous paving installed at a reduced price.
Rain Barrels (Data Refreshed) – Rain Barrels installed under PWD’s Rain Barrel Workshop and Installation program, which ran from 2006 to 2015.
Grants Disbursed (Data Refreshed) – Recipients, award amounts, and project sites for grant money disbursed by the Philadelphia Water Department for the Stormwater Management Incentive Program, Soak It Up!, the Green Acre Program, and Business Incentive Program.

Check out Philadelphia Water’s blog for the full list. Philadelphia Water has been a very active contributor to Open Data Philly, and have released other sets of data in the past. And thanks to an Executive Order by Mayor Nutter, we look forward to many other relases like this in the future.