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Since February, we’ve been keeping you abreast of our communications with PWD relating to our formal comments on the regulatory updates, as well as our subsequent March meeting to discuss the regulatory updates and our comment letter. We discussed a lot in that meeting and in various forums since. As such, we wanted to follow up to make sure that we fully understood PWD’s positions.

In July, we, along with our friends at NRDC and PennFuture, sent PWD a letter summarizing what we heard PWD can currently do, what we heard is the intent of certain aspects of the Guidance Manual, and what we heard might be premature to do at this time.

Click here to read the edited result of this exchange, which is a combination of our original letter and PWD’s clarifying comments. We welcome your questions and/or feedback.
We met with PWD again earlier this month as a follow up, and to discuss increasing demand in the private sector and updating calculation methodologies, two areas PWD expressed were a priority. We also discussed our current activities that support these end goals, including our advocacy our advocacy efforts, Awards Ceremony, and Monitoring Grant Pilot Program.

It was a great conversation. We were excited to learn of PWD’s intent to update calculation methodologies to more fully value the performance of vegetated practices, and were grateful to hear the energy around our work that supports that shared goal as well as the shared goal to increase demand in the private sector.

As always, we look forward to continuing the dialogue with PWD and supporting progress in these and other areas.