HomePWD’s Focus Groups and User Testing Sessions

Several members and staff attended PWD focus groups on June 7th and 8th to get a sneak peak of the new Plan Review website and components of the updated Stormwater Management Guidance Manual.*  We discussed format, organization, and usability.  We were also asked to offer feedback on content, but the group agreed that while the new organization and chapters seemed like good changes, providing feedback on content was difficult without the opportunity to review actual content. PWD indicated that the Manual would be released as a PDF in early June so designers, engineers, and developers would have the opportunity to review it before it goes into effect.

As a follow up to those focus groups, PWD invited six members and staff to attend two user testing sessions.  Participants were able to interface directly with the new website and offer feedback on the functionality of the both the new online Manual and the online ERSA application.  Participants offered helpful notes for how to improve searchability and navigability, but overall the website is much improved, looking much cleaner and clearer.

We value being included in these sessions, and look forward to continued opportunities for our members to offer feedback on how to best facilitate, prioritize, and incentivize vegetated practices to support the maximum triple bottom line success of Green City, Clean Waters.

*The new Plan Review website, which includes the online ERSA application and integrates the updated Manual, is expected to be live July 1.  The updated stormwater regulations are posted at regulations.phila-records.com