HomePWD’s Rain Check Program – Contractor Training 1

As we mentioned last month, the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), via the GSI Partners, is proud to be working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to expand the city’s residential stormwater management efforts through our partnership in the management of PWD’s Rain Check program.  We value this program because it not only supports Green City, Clean Waters, which SBN fully endorses, but also because it supports our mission of growing a more local and sustainable economy in the Greater Philadelphia region.  

On July 15th, we hosted the first of a series of contractor trainings.  This session was for contractors interested in assembling and installing rain barrels and downspout planters.  13 employees from 6 small and local businesses were in attendance.  Upcoming sessions will be for contractors interested in rain gardens, de-paving, and porous paving.

SBN has also hired a part time program associate who will assisting GSI Partners’ staff in managing our responsibilities with Rain Check.  He will start August 11, so keep an eye out for his intro.  We’re really looking forward to having him on our team.