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Congratulations to the Philadelphia Water Department, the Research in GSI Winner for the 2017 Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony.


Monitoring Green City, Clean Waters: The First 5 Years


Photo Source: Philadelphia Water Department


Lead Research Institution: Philadelphia Water Department
Study Area: Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) evaluates performance of constructed stormwater management practices (SMPs) primarily through the use of continuous water level and storage volume.


A number of performance metrics were examined to characterize GSI system performance during the periods when monitoring equipment was present. The performance monitoring of GSI showed that, overall, systems are performing better than predicted by PWD’s current engineering design assumptions. The systems overflow less often than predicted, experience higher infiltration rates and faster draindown times than predicted, and have more excess storage capacity available than predicted over a range of events.


After analyzing data from all events at all systems during the monitoring period, it was observed that only 18 (3.6%) of the 497 exceedances predicted (based on current engineering design assumptions) actually occurred, showing that the designs are conservative.


PWD continues to pursue data collection on GSI performance and is developing new monitoring methods to scale up with implementation of GSI. To explore research topics focused on GSI, PWD is working with partners in the academic community at Drexel University and Villanova University. Additionally, PWD is working with the recipients of SBN’s GSI Partners monitoring grants to explore new GSI monitoring sensing technology developed by the Stroud Water Research Center.


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All of the winners will be announced and presented with an award at the 2017 Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony on May 11th at FringeArts!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at the ceremony!


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2017 Excellence in GSI Awards
Thursday, May 11
6 PM to 9 PM
140 North Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19106








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