The GSI Partners Advocacy Committee has done an exceptional job in informing our advocacy efforts for almost two years. They helped craft the Green City Clean Waters section of SBN’s Good Economy Challenge, and supported the development of a comment letter to PWD regarding the regulatory updates, and multiple follow up meetings with PWD.

With SBN’s hiring of Saleem Chapman as Policy and Advocacy Manager, SBN and the GSI Partners have the capacity to dedicate even more attention on policy and advocacy than before. We are revamping the policy committee structure to leverage the committee’s effectiveness and to offer additional ways to get more of our members engaged.

In the coming months, Saleem will be rolling out issue sub-committees to provide a forum for substantive dialogue on critical policy areas and support SBN’s Policy Committee and larger policy and advocacy goals . The current GSI Partners Advocacy Committee will become one of these sub-committees, in addition to the formation of other sub-committees focusing on sustainable business and stakeholder engagement. Beginning in 2016, issue sub-committees will begin meeting Monday evenings on a bi-monthly basis at the SBN office. We invite to you have an influential role in shaping our policy direction.

To learn more about this new structure, meet Saleem, and see if this is an area where you want to get more involved, join us on Monday December 14th from 6:00-7:30pm at SBN. Email [email protected] with your interest