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GSI Monitoring Grant Seeking Consultant 
We are super excited to announce that we have released the RFP seeking a consultant to help us build out our GSI monitoring grant pilot program.

Advancing GSI-related research and innovation were part of the founding principles of GSI Partners and are a component of our strategic plan.  More data will support 1) industry professionals to continue to improve design and performance, 2) developers and property owners to gain greater knowledge of the value that investing in GSI offers, and 3) PWD to expand the performance metrics used to approve GSI projects.  We are thrilled to be taking the next step towards directly supporting data collection that will both fulfill GSI Partners research and innovation objectives and advance the state-of-the-art for the GSI industry.

We currently have $75,000 of seed funding for disbursement during the pilot grant year.  Our intent is to disburse this money as small grants to the private sector for performance monitoring of the vegetated stormwater management projects they have designed, built, and/or have on their property.  We intend to seek additional funding to support a longer term program based on the success of the pilot.

Click here to read the RFP. Applications are due Friday May 22.