HomeTemple Faculty and PennDOT Address Stormwater for I-95 Project

Faculty from Temple University and Villanova are partnering with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to implement a stormwater management project as part of the I-95/Girard Avenue Interchange upgrades. The project to widen I-95, which began in 2009, requires a new stormwater management system that didn’t exist when the highway was first built.


“A major concern [of the project] stems from the usage of road salt which may mobilize various metals found on roadways. Dr. McKenzie and her students are trying to figure out how quickly the metals leave the soil and join water, and how the introduction of salt, like that used in deicing, affects that process and in how far the metals might travel. Dr. McKenzie believes these results might require PennDOT to do more regular maintenance, especially in sensitive watershed areas, where these metals may travel downstream.


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