HomeThe Impact of GSI on Community Health and Safety

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) installation is lauded for its positive environmental and economic impact, and deservedly so, but this nature-based approach to stormwater management has also had a positive effect on the health and safety of communities where it was implemented. 


Michele Kondo, Ph.D. and the USDA Forest Service, Northern Field Station conducted a difference-in-differences analysis of the effects of GSI on health and safety outcomes from 2000-2012 in Philadelphia. The results show consistent and statistically significant reductions in narcotics possession near GSI sites. Narcotics manufacture and burglaries were also significantly reduced at multiple scales.


Those who attended the 2016 Excellence in GSI Awards Ceremony will be familiar with Dr. Kondo and her team as finalists. (Click here to learn more about the study.)


Join us at our next GSI Partners Quarterly Meeting on October 25 at Temple University Center City to hear more about the impact of GSI on community health and safety from Dr. Kondo. Her research expertise and interests include: environmental health and environmental justice, the health consequences of environmental disparities, the impact of place-based and nature-based initiatives have on preventing and reducing crime and diseases, and geospatial and community-based research methods. 


With Philadelphia’s GSI-focused, triple bottom line approach to stormwater management, identifying potential opportunities to positively impact our communities’ health and wellness through GSI projects is especially relevant and beneficial for the implementation and growth of Green City, Clean Waters


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