HomeUS Mayors Advocate for Urban Parks as Essential Infrastructure

The bipartisan Mayors for Parks coalition recently voiced their support to prioritize urban parks as part of infrastructure spending for 21st century cities. The mayors and municipal leaders pointed to urban parks’ role as mixed use development that address issues related to aging water systems as well as parks abilities to “grow local economies and attract businesses, workers and investment.” Numerous studies have shown that property values increase 15-20% with the presence of a park.


Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters is named in the article as specific example of how investing in green and public space leads to more green jobs as well as costs savings. The GSI Partners’ report, theEconomic Impact of GCCW: The First Five Years, reinforces the economic impact that investments in sustainable and equitably distributed infrastructure have on a city.


Read the full article here and learn about what is being done to advocate for urban parks.