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Click here to read our recent Philadelphia Business Journal Op-ed, “Why green stormwater infrastructure is smart policy and smart business.”

“Stormwater management is a critical challenge in Philadelphia, especially this time of year. It is fortunate then, that a nature-based approach known as green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), is an economic powerhouse with tremendous benefits that include lower crime rates and reduced health costs for communities and the city as a whole.

In fact, new research commissioned by SBN finds that Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters (GCCW) stormwater management plan will produce $4 billion in total economic impact for Philadelphia, including supporting an average of 1,160 jobs annually. This is truly an instructive case for how a green approach can advance a triple bottom line economy in which people, planet, and profit all thrive.” Continue reading

CBS3 Philly featured co-author Melissa Muroff, Roofmeadow President and SBN Board Chair, for Roofmeadow’s Cira Green project in a recent video piece. Click here to view.