HomeWilliam Penn Foundation invests $100 Million in the Rebuild initiative

In November the William Penn Foundation made an announcement of their historic investment of $100 Million to the Rebuilding Community Infrastructure Initiative (“Rebuild”) as part of Mayor Kenney’s plan to transform city parks, libraries, recreation centers, and playgrounds to enhance community life in neighborhoods across Philadelphia.
In a press release, Shawn McCaney, the William Penn Foundation’s interim executive director, said, “A central aim of William Penn’s public spaces grant making over the last few years has been to expand access to high quality public space in neighborhoods outside of Center City. Rebuild represents the opportunity to do that citywide.”


The Rebuild initiative is an enormous undertaking which began with an unprecedented data collection and analysis to develop a data-driven baseline and framework to help evaluate site priorities. One of the priorities in the analysis included evaluating existing and potential sites for investment in green stormwater infrastructure as part of Green City, Clean Waters.
We are excited to see the Rebuild initiative progress forward with this investment by the William Penn Foundation. SBN applauds the City for leveraging the funds from the sugary beverage tax and this generous grant to make a historic investment in our public spaces, which will include the implementation of green stormwater infrastructure, throughout Philadelphia.

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