Sales Data Manager & Analyst

Company Description: Philly Foodworks is a premier online market and subscription program for local food.  We deliver to over 75+ pickup locations across Philadelphia as well as offer home delivery within a 10 mile radius of the city. We work with over 100 different producers in the Greater Philadelphia Area and carry a wide variety of products to provide a robust online Farmer’s Market experience. We have grown 35% each of the last three years and are looking for team members who want to continue this growth, getting local food to more and more people while supporting an increasing number of producers.

Job Description: You will be working directly with the CEO to manage and improve the existing customer database and CRM system. The current system uses multiple platforms including: Google sheets, mail chimp, google analytics, and Delivery Biz Pro. In addition to managing and improving the database, you will work on identifying target customer groups, analyzing sales data, and helping to implement marketing tactics. You will work with other marketing team members to create communications, mailers, and other sales tactics that will increase prospective clients, convert them into customers, as well as retain existing customers.  You will be responsible for managing all data collected through marketing tactics and integrating it with the CRM system. 

Skills Required:

Proficient at excel
Experience comparing sets of data, establishing key metrics, assessing new data and making adjustments within the metrics and data collection systems.
Experience working with non-technical team members and communicating complex information in a way others can understand.
Strong attention to detail. Errs on the side of perfection.
Enjoys working on systems over time and improving processes

Ideal Experience:

Previous work building or maintaining customer data bases and developing tracking systems for various customer segments.
Knowledge of google analytics, specifically the use of UTM tag managers, and Mail chimp.

Salary and benefits: This position will begin as a project based position. If the initial project is completed and the position is a good fit, the position will be paid as a monthly retainer (approx 45 hours/month) ranging from $750-$1,000 depending on experience and project performance. 

Please send all resume and cover letters to [email protected]

This listing has expired.

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