Permitting & Interconnection Manager

Solar States – Permitting and Interconnection Manager


In the Permitting and Interconnection Manager role (P&I M), you will manage the utility interconnection process and all permit applications for the residential operations team, and assist in these same aspects for our commercial projects. You will also be responsible for the SREC creation and transfer to homeowners, as well as system closeout Owner’s Manuals. The position requires specialized knowledge of PV system interconnection and AHJ requirements for multiple state utilities and jurisdictions. This role also serves as the primary post-sale contact ensuring all administrative project details are organized before and after installation for the residential team.



Responsible for the coordination of key deliverables regarding permitting, interconnections, SRECs, and Owners Manuals, for all residential projects and assistance for all commercial projects. This includes but is not limited to the below:

●      Daily portfolio management of Solar States active interconnection applications across multiple utilities

    ○       Coordination between internal operations, and sales team to obtain and process all required documentation for utility interconnections

●      Complete building and electrical permit applications for residential projects across multiple jurisdictions

    ○       Coordination between internal operations, and sales team to obtain and process all required documentation for permitting

    ○       Represent Solar States to various AHJs while applying for permits and gathering code and other job related requirements

●      Create and maintain accurate records and ensure data integrity

    ○       Keep accurate and up to date records at all times

    ○       Use Copper to create and maintain customer records and manage project timelines

    ○       Track design and engineering requirements for relevant AHJs in coordination with Residential Operations and Design teams

    ○       Record and update utility requirements for solar installations in coordination with residential operations team

●      Foster strong relationships with relevant utilities and AHJs

    ○       Engage with utility representatives to remain compliance with interconnection standards

    ○       Gain insight into utility-specific net metering guidelines and communicate to internal team

●      Act as cross-departmental company resource for AHJ (permitting) and utility inquiries and communication

    ○       Help internal and external stakeholders understand utility billing programs and net metering programs

    ○       Maintain AHJ records in Copper and field questions from internal stakeholders

    ○       Actively track changes to utility rates and rules as well as changes to permitting and code with local AHJ’s

●      Assist in completion of SREC (solar renewable energy credit) program requirements, and the signing up of customers to  SREC aggregators as necessary.

    ○       This is a constantly evolving program in both PA and NJ so will require coordination with managements

●      Provide Owner’s Manuals in our template, while also looking to improve the template, as well as consistently giving outstanding customer service both internally and externally



●      Excellent organization, administrative and portfolio management skills

●      Ability to continually prioritize competing tasks by creating defined and repeatable processes

●      Superior communication to work effectively with various internal and external stakeholders

●      Effective problem solving skills

●      Eagerness to research utility information and remain informed on rules and regulations

●      Self-starter with high level of drive and accountability

●      Proficient with computers

●      Positive attitude



Solar States offers a competitive, B-Corp certified compensation program commensurate with experience. Solar States offers vacation time, sick time, paid holidays and health insurance, as well as 401k. Solar States also shares profits with employees, depending upon company and individual performance.



Solar States has cultivated a highly productive, yet loose and relatively flat company culture. We are looking for self-motivated people who are good at working collaboratively in a group environment. You will be expected to work an average of a 40-hour week.



We expect all company property to be treated with respect. This includes driving company vehicles in a safe and courteous manner as well as handling tools and equipment with care and consideration.



1)     Assistant Manager of Operations (AMO)

a)     Manager of Operations (MO)

                                           i)         Chief Operations Officer



1)     no one directly to manage

a)     Homeowners (just coordination)

b)     Sales team (just coordination)










$35,000-$45,000 commensurate with experience



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