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SBN’s Meet Our Ambassadors Series

Ambassadors are SBN Members that commit to one year of expanded involvement within our network. They serve as flag-bearers for SBN. In this series, we highlight the work and stories of our Ambassadors.

How long have you been an SBN member and when did you first hear about SBN and its mission?

I have been a member of SBN since 2008. I became aware of SBN a few years prior thru reading articles about Judy, and being exposed to some literature while dining at the White Dog Cafe.

Can you share a moment or experience that solidified your commitment to triple-bottom line principles for businesses?

My commitment took place during the first Social Venture Institute that I attended. Until that point I had the triple bottom line values in place at my company but did not characterize it in those terms; it was just what I had seen as the right way to run my company. When I was exposed to the concept in a formalized way, and interacted with others who had the same focus, I understood how powerful a tool it could be.

What aspects of your business are most proud of? And do you have any recent projects, events, or news that you are excited about that you want to share with our network?

I created a business that my son wants to be a part of! That makes me very proud. I am also very happy to be able to create opportunity for others. I am employing two Power Corps Graduates, and hope to able to provide quality jobs for more graduates of the program. I try to create an environment where my employees can grow and self-actualize. Our continued association with Philadelphia Water Department as a Rain Check contractor provides great satisfaction to me. I enjoy interacting and educating homeowners about green storm water infrastructure (GSI), and how it impacts their home, neighborhood, and region.

What is your vision for the sustainable business community in the Philadelphia region?

I hope that Philadelphia continues to grow as a magnet for forward looking companies and individuals. By bringing together our local talent, adding the diversity from outside our region that our city encourages, and stewardship from organizations like the SBN, and initiatives like GSI Partners, I see an opportunity for us to be a resource for those outside of our area to turn to as a model for a cooperative, connected, and cutting edge community.

What is your favorite SBN program or member benefit?

The other members are the best member benefit. Any program that provides a venue for interaction works.

How did you end up in Philadelphia and what do you love about our city/region?

I was born in Philadelphia, attended Finletter Elementary, Central High School (234) and Temple University. My grandparents had a store on South 7th St. where I spent a lot of time as a child. Those early interactions in the inner city were something I would always remember fondly. My first home was in Oak Lane, and recently my wife and I moved to the Logan Square area. The diversity of neighborhoods and ethnicities in Philly is always exciting, and being able to experience that blend thru food, art, and music is a treat. As to the Delaware Valley region, we are truly blessed with some of the world’s richest horticultural wonders, too many to mention individually, which provide an endless source of enchantments.

What is your favorite place in Philadelphia to spend your day off?

Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course in East Fairmount Park — heaven on earth!

What is your favorite restaurant or bar in Philadelphia?

My wife makes the best Manhattan in the city, and my friends tell me her Cassoulet rivals any others they have had, so, home is where my heart is. If we need a change, Alla Spina has served me my best Gin Gimlet, and Helm always has an exciting menu.

To learn more about Alden and his work at Cedar Run Landscapes, visit Cedar Run’s website and follow them on Facebook.

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