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WeGardn is making healthy foods accessible to all

Written by Guest Contributor, Cynthia Estremera

WeGardn is on a mission to serve & support local communities throughout Philadelphia. Their affordable online marketplace will expand access to healthy food for communities and support local farmers. WeGardn was created to be an expression of business as a force for good, which is a responsibility that Greg Donworth (Co-Founder & CSO) and Aasit Nanavati (Director of Strategic Initiatives) take very seriously. As a Best for PHL Community Member, WeGardn is putting down roots to connect with and support local businesses that align with their mission to have a positive impact in the Greater Philadelphia region. They also offer corporate accounts and drop-offs for employers. (A percentage of those accounts will be donated to local charities of the employer’s choosing.)

Online marketplaces are all the rage today, but many sell products from large-scale farms or feature food that has a destructive footprint from travelling so far. For this reason, WeGardn takes sourcing & transparency very seriously. They strive to partner with farms and small businesses who prioritize quality and sustainability. “We want to know where our food comes from, who made it, and how much care they put into it. For us, it is about trust & community,” said Donworth.

More than 80% of their cost of goods sold is spent with local suppliers within a 100-mile radius. WeGardn has created a new distribution method for farmers to have a direct reach into the Philadelphia market: “In an ever-growing space of online marketplaces, we’ve been strategic to find a business model that differentiates us from the start. Our “day-one differentiations” are transparency, on demand delivery options and quality, and cost and convenience. We take pride in every item that we sell and are confident that our food is the best around. Big picture — our business model will be incredibly impact focused, keeping the prices low so quality food can be attainable to all.” — Greg Donworth, CSO

Accessibility is a big part of WeGardn’s mission. For many, organic food is either too expensive or to difficult to procure. Aasit Nanavati, who has a background in public health, has done extensive research around the type of relationship building that needs to happen to fill in gaps in the urban neighborhoods regarding health/wellness and proper nutrition. The company has worked with industry players on a cooperative initiative for social and environmental policies. To improve on that impact, WeGardn is making moves to be more strategically involved in local efforts.

WeGardn’s vision is to create the most efficient, affordable, and transparent food supply chain for consumers today. Philadelphians today can visit their website (www.wegardn.com), browse available food options, schedule a pickup/delivery day & time and be a driving force toward a cleaner, greener Philadelphia.

WeGardn is a Best for PHL Community Member because they took the Best for PHL Challenge and pledged to make at least once impact improvement. To register for the next Best for PHL Challenge Workshop and to learn more about this initiative, click here.