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SBN’s Meet Our Ambassadors Series

Ambassadors are SBN Members that commit to one year of expanded involvement within our network. They serve as flag-bearers for SBN. In this series, we highlight the work and stories of our Ambassadors.

How long have you been an SBN member and when did you first hear about SBN and its mission?

I started volunteering with the Sustainable Business Network back in 2013, just one year out of Temple, and I was totally star-struck. I had learned about SBN in college and was enamored with their mission to build a just and thriving economy that was fueled by more than a profit-motive.

Can you share a moment or experience that solidified your commitment to triple-bottom line principles for businesses?

Ever since I was an undergraduate I have been passionate about sustainability. I majored in Environmental Science (planet), Urban Studies (people), and Economics (profit) and was always so frustrated by the economic theories that simply “externalized” pollution and touted poverty-level wages as “cost-savings.” Since then, I’ve been passionate about discovering interdisciplinary resolutions to these discrepancies inherent in modern-day economics.

What aspects of your business are you most proud of? And do you have any recent projects, events, or news that you are excited about that you want to share with our network?

The CityCoHo aims to be the epicenter of the sustainability movement in Philadelphia. Our nonprofit arm, the Sustainability Nexus, is working on bringing educational workshops and events to Philadelphia to uplift the notion of business as a force for good through Regenerative Business principles. So keep an eye out for forthcoming calendar updates and invitations!

What is your vision for the sustainable business community in the Philadelphia region?

I envision a sustainable business community that does more than to reduce harm with a business as usual mindset, a community that endeavors to operate more in line with natural systems, a community that is regenerative in that capacity and mutually benefits every aspect of an entity’s operations.

What is your favorite SBN program or member benefit?

My favorite SBN programs are the open conversations with local leaders who are forces for good in the broader political and professional ecosystems in Philly. I especially enjoy the Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable breakfasts at the Pyramid Club.

How did you end up in Philadelphia and what do you love about our city/region?

I’m from York, PA, and immediately moved to Philadelphia upon graduating high school. I’ve been here for nearly 12 years now; I love the diversity and grit and guts found in each Philly neighborhood, business, and individual.

What is your favorite place in Philadelphia to spend your day off?

Along the Schuykill River, a good mile or two beyond Boathouse Row, out where the distance between the street and the water is at it’s widest. Find me under a tree.

What is your favorite restaurant or bar in Philadelphia?

Cafe con Chocolate in South Philly is hands down the best Mexican in the city. The servers are the sweetest of sweethearts and the food is so perfectly delicious. The mole sauce out of this world. Its probably one of the best-kept secrets in this town. Also, 2nd District is my new favorite brewery/bar — its close to my house and the beers are phenomenal. Pineapple Porter, say what?!

Looking for a co-working or meeting space?

Earn $10 — $200* for referring your friends to the CityCoHo! The CityCoHo is Philadelphia’s center of gravity for values-driven coworking (and currently where SBN staff works). Located at 2401 Walnut Street in the heart of center city Philadelphia in a building targeting double LEED platinum certifications (building Core & Shell and Commercial Interiors), CityCoHo strives to provide the optimal combination of sustainability, amenities, comfort, technology, community, and fun — all in a setting designed to foster and promote individual well-being and success. Contact Community Manager Jen at 215–278–2400 or jen@citycoho.com to set up a tour and learn more about this and other deals and discounts when you become a member!

*Earn 10% of the value of the membership that your friends or colleagues select, from $10 for a Light Membership up to $200 for a private office!